More than 20 types of quality vegetable seeds,
continuously purified.

Ever since 2007, we made it our vision to provide the world with greens.
Not just greens: we constantly raise the bar to meet our customer’s and our own standards.

Dutch Seed Group - Production

High quality

High quality is our trademark. Our seeds are checked on this at least twice: before they are harvested by our production managers on the fields, and after shipment to our own facility in the Netherlands according to ISTA rules.

Dutch Seed Group - High quality ensured

This way, genetic and physical purity are ensured. After a batch passes the second quality control, we make sure that it stays qualified for shipping by storing it in our conditioned warehouse, labelled with all the important information.

This way, we know exactly how each batch should be treated.


Markets are moving all the time, and for the horticulture market, this is not different. We see it as our duty to innovate and develop new varieties continuously. With our team of qualified experts we are constantly looking for ways to make our seeds grow better.

Dutch Seed Group - Constant improvement

It goes without saying that we do not refrain from a critical eye, which is why quality control results are always stored in our stock system 'ABS' and forwarded via a quality tree.

An important part of our work culture is continuous fine-tuning on every front within our company.

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Dutch Seed Group - types of seed coating

Types of seed coating

We want to keep improving. That is why our machines are modern and innovative.

Film coating
We have modern, ingenious rotators to provide seeds with a specific film coating for optimal protection and appearance.

We use wood and other cellulose fibers to optimize production.

In order to increase sowing efficiency and planting accuracy we encrust our seeds.